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Test Version
BTH-0.2 trunk @13:48, 3 September 2007 (EDT)
run unknown ok
four right turns unknown fail
2m square unknown unknown
2 bots see each other unknown unknown
long traversal unknown unknown


Run the run script in the bin directory, a P2AT shows up, hit the enter key, status message is All monitored functions OK

four right turns

After run, take four 90deg right turns. You should end up facing your original direction more-or-less. Run the four_right_turns expect script.

2m square

Go 2 meters to your left, repeat 3 more times. You should end up more-or-less in your original position.

2 bots see each other

Start the second bot. Turn each bot so that they face each other. They should show up on each other's maps.

long traversal

Have the human open the garage door. Go backwards 18 meters. This should put you outside.


Test Version
BTH-0.2 trunk @13:14, 3 September 2007 (EDT)

build script

Run TeamTalkBuild.bat. No errors or warnings.

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