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  • 1. Problem with running in ad-hoc network. If there's no dns server on the network, things may run really slow. There's some stupid process that's doing host lookups even though it's not required. When there's no dns server the lookups wait for a timeout instead of failing immediately. One could put an empty dns server on the ad hoc network as a quick fix, but I hope to find and quash whatever's doing these unnecessary lookups.
  • 2. Make the dictionary server able to run off-line.
  • 3. issue with startup. seems to be a race condition with the init_session. Also there may be a race condition with the simulator.
  • 4. issue with addressee. there's a one-turn lag with the addressee.
  • 5. DM cfg files need to be automatically generated. Need ad-hoc info from robots.
  • 6. Consolidate ports and make them configurable.
  • 7. Does Cepstral really need to be in the ExternalLibraries directory?
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