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There are many types of keywords in RCTSL. Each type can only be used in specific parts of the task specification. For each keyword, the reference page has a Type line that gives its type. The currently existing types are:

agent declaration 
construct embedded in a DECLARE_AGENTS block
agent definition 
top level construct defines an agent of the task tree
concept definition
construct embedded in a DEFINE_CONCEPTS block
concept type definition
top level construct that defines a custom concept type
concept item definition
construct embedded in a concept item definition block
concept item definition block
construct embedded in a concept type definition. At this point, the only keyword of this type is ITEMS.
construct embedded in an agent definition. Some directives can only be used in certain agent types. When this is the case, they will appear in the Allowed in section of the directive reference.
construct to be used with C++ code (e.g. in preconditions or in code blocks as in ON_COMPLETION)
subagent definition
construct embedded in a DEFINE_SUBAGENTS block
top level 
construct not be embedded in any other block

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