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Welcome to the Olympus Tutorials!

This sequence of tutorials will teach you progressively how to build spoken dialogue systems (SDS) with the Olympus architecture. We'll try to touch upon all the key issues without drowning you in a flood of information. Indeed, dialogue systems are fairly complex things and different people have specific interests in different parts of them. Therefore, the goal of these tutorials is not to make you an expert in any particular aspect of SDS but rather to provide you with the overall knowledge necessary to build one as well as pointers on where to find more details on parts that are relevant or interesting to your particular project.

Getting Olympus

The first step before starting working on the tutorials themselves is for you to download and compile the Olympus architecture. For information on how to do that, please see the download page.

Downloading the tutorials

While the text of the tutorials is fully available in this Wiki, you will need to download the source code for them. The system associated with each tutorial is available for download form the Olympus Subversion repository. Now that you have downloaded the architecture itself (previous section), you should be familiar with how to check out directories from the repository. The system corresponding to each tutorial is located under:




As for any Olympus system, you need to build Olympus first by following the instructions on the download page, and then build each tutorial system (using SystemBuild.pl in the root directory) before being able to try it.

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