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What is needed to actually run an Olympus system, irrespective of the build environment? The following table lists all of the system runtime requirements for any Olympus system.

Requirement Reason
Windows XP or Vista A Linux version is being worked on.
ActiveState's ActivePerl Some of the required agents, including Rosetta, are Perl programs. Note that the 32-bit version must be installed even if you're running a 64-bit Windows[1]
The Win32::API module See #Installing Win32::API. Win32::API comes pre-installed with later (5.10+) versions of ActivePerl.
Microsoft 2005 C++ redistributable package Probably necessary if one does not have Visual Studio .NET 2005/2008 installed.

Requirements for optional features

Optional agents and/or features may have additional requirements. Some of those are listed below.

Agent/Feature Requirement Reason
JavaTTY Java runtime environment duh?

Installing Win32::API

Ignore for later (5.10+) versions of ActivePerl.

  1. Run the Perl Package Manager (Start -> All Programs -> ActivePerl -> Perl Package Manager)
  2. Select Win32-API
  3. Mark the package for installation (Action -> Install Win32-API)
  4. Run installation (File -> Run Marked Actions)
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