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Active Projects


Assignee: User:Antoine User:Tkharris

Main article: Documentation Roadmap

A documentation overhaul is underway.


Assignee: User:Antoine

Antoine has a working Olympus2 branch in beta.

MeetingLine and LetsGoPublic have been migrated.


Multiple-systems refactor

Assignee: User:Antoine

Antoine and Thomas have proposed a refactoring of Olympus to improve the experience of working with multiple systems. Depends on #Environment Variables in Sphinx.

Audio Server Retirement

Assignee: User:Udhay User:Antoine

Audio server retirement.png

The functions of the AudioServer will be broken into various other components. Currently waiting on Udhay to check in his code.

Linux migration

Assignee: User:David

At one point we had a linux version. David will attempt to get that working again. Before the linux version used WINE to get Ravenclaw and Kalliope to run. We're planning to do an actual migration.

This will rely on threading and messaging facilities which were recently added to the SphinxBase library. It is waiting on the migration to PocketSphinx 0.5.

Make Resources

Assignee: User:Alex

Alex is refactoring the resource-building script MakeLM, dividing it's functions into a MakeGrammar, MakeDictionary, and MakeLM, all of which will be Olympus tools that could potentially stand on their own. A new script, MakeResources, will be a lightweight script that essentially calls the other scripts.

Environment Variables in Sphinx

Assignee: User:David

In order to support the #Multiple-systems refactor, Sphinx needs to be able to handle environment variables in its config files.

Projects on the Stack


Assignee: User:David

The current plan is to use FreeSwitch as an audio server for VoIP, by authoring a module which forwards session events and audio data to the rest of Olympus. However, this depends on the AudioServer restructuring. At that point, an instance of FreeSwitch will basically be an alternative AudioInterface server.

Note that FreeSwitch also has a module which allows it to get audio from the local soundcard, so we could potentially replace the AudioInterface with it entirely.


Assignee: User:Tkharris

We'll move to a trac system for bug/feature tracking. Currently waiting on decommissioned queue machines.

Fix non-galaxy frames

ungrammatical galaxy frames between dm and backend and nlg cause problems for different versions of those components.

Future Projects

Multi-modal clarification

Where/how should multi-modal fusion and fission take place?

Build System Reorg

Given that we've just switched from Visual Studio 7 to Visual Studio 8, and 9 is now out in beta, we're thinking that we should separate the build files from the rest of the source code. That way it will be easier to migrate, and also easier to simultaneously support legacy build systems. Also, this should make it easier and simpler to support a linux build system in tandem.

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