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New Features in Olympus 2.5

Olympus 2.5 is a significant upgrade to the entire Olympus architecture that aims to maintain system compatibility as much as possible.

New Agents/Tools

  • New Acoustic Model Adaptation Tools
    • New wizard interface to create an acoustic model adapted to your needs
    • See Speaker Adaptation
  • AMSwitcher Agent for User Controlled Acoustic Model Switching
    • Allows the acoustic model to be changed via a GUI.
    • Support for dynamic acoustic model switching if necessary
  • File2GFrames testing Hub GUI
    • Allows frames to be injected to the system and responses to be monitored.

Updated Agents/Tools

  • Preliminary Multimodal Input Support (merged from the multimodal branch)
    • Allows the dialog state to be changed with a specially formatted GUI Galaxy frame sent to Apollo which forwards it to RavenClaw
      • Currently, a GUI Galaxy frame will be ignored by RavenClaw if there is a pending system utterance.
    • See the RoomLine example system's RoomLineGUI and javaLibOlympusUtility for an example.
  • Preliminary Flite Text-to-Speech Engine Support in Kalliope
    • CMU's Open-source, maintained, cross-platform text-to-speech engine
    • Will become the default text-to-speech engine in a future release
  • Integration of PocketSphinx 0.5 in PocketSphinxEngine
    • Faster and more accurate decoding
    • Uses the new, more flexibile API
  • Integration of PocketSphinx's 0.5 SphinxBase Power/Energy Based Voice Activity Detector Implementation
  • New Logios Language Model Generation System
    • Faster, more flexible, easier to maintain and interface with, generally backwards compatible
  • Support to change the in use acoustic model in decoder engines.
  • Bug fixes to JavaTTY.
  • Updating ProcessMonitor for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Crash fixes in RavenClaw, Apollo, and the Galaxy Hub

Features/Improvements for System Developers

  • Build System Improvements
    • Largely rewritten OlympusBuild 3.0 that detects all missing dependencies and displays one message about what needs to be installed
      • Maintains API compatibility with OlympusBuild 2
      • Sets all necessary environment variables
    • Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 projects are generated by CMake
    • OlympusBuild integrates with CMake, Microsoft SAPI, and Logios/MakeLM to do all work necessary to build Olympus and your systems
    • Supports Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Platform SDK with Visual Studio 2005/2008
  • Improved Logging and LogParsers
    • More flexibility, improved code sharing, and easier to maintain
  • New libOlympusUtility and javaLibOlympusUtility with C/C++ Agent and Java Multimodal GUI Agent Utility Functions
  • Startlists for All Supported Agents in the Core Olympus Configurations
  • When Apollo endpoints an unusually long utterance it now cancels the utterance instead of ending it and speaks the inform vad_error message in Rosetta if it exists.
  • The endpointing thresholds that Apollo uses to override the VAD are now configurable positive integer values in the Apollo configuration as max_utt_duration (defaults to 30000 (milliseconds)), min_utt_duration (default: 1000 (milliseconds)), partial_timeout_duration (default: 2000 (milliseconds)), utt_final_pause_duration_threshold (default: 500 (milliseconds)), and endpoint_feature_computation_delay (default: 150 (milliseconds)).
  • Moving the Generic Perl Backend to Core Olympus
  • General Code and System Cleanups
  • Updated and more complete example systems
    • Updating RoomLine, Meeting Line, Tutorial1, and Tutorial2 for Olympus 2.5
    • RoomLine demonstrates the new MultiModal support with a simple Java GUI
    • Adding Madeleine for Olympus 2.5 which demonstrates dynamic dialog task creation

Known Issues

Any patches to help fix these issues would be welcome.

  • Changes to the NetBeans generated ANT scripts require an upgrade to the latest released Apache ANT version or Netbeans 6.5 or higher.
  • A new GUI Galaxy frame will appear to be ignored by RavenClaw if the system is waiting to say something, as grounding will not be performed.
  • LogParser may not perfectly support Olympus 2.5 logging improvements
  • See the Olympus Trac Ticket List for an up to date list.
  • E-mail the developers mailing list ( if you encounter an issue that is not listed here and does not have a ticket for it.

Upgrading Existing Systems

  • Changes must be made to system build settings support the new locations of compiled Olympus libraries
  • You must install CMake
  • See System Migration for a complete walk-through.


For any additional information, as well as specific questions, send email to the developers mailing list (

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