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Sends concept values to another Galaxy server (typically a backend) and puts the result in a concept.

Type: directive
Allowed in: Execute Agents

  • <call_description_string>: a double-quoted string with the following syntax:
 "server_name.function_name <concept1 <concept2 >result_concept"


  • server_name is the name of the target Galaxy server as defined in the Hub pgm file
  • function_name is the name of the function to call on the target server
  • concept1, concept2, ... are the names of concepts whose current value is to be sent. Optionally, the concept name can be preceded by a "@", in which case the most recent non-empty value of the concept is sent (without "@", if the current value of the concept is empty, an empty value will be sent).
  • result_concept is the name of a concept that will receive the value coming back from the external Galaxy server.

Note that the external server must be designed so as to accept and return concepts of the same type as are sent and expected by the call description string.

See also: EXECUTE, Backend Call Frame Format

RavenClaw Task Specification Language Reference

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