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NOTE: The steps and settings here are for advanced developers who are looking to enable unmaintained features or tweak file locations. Most system builders can rely on the default settings set by OlympusBuild.

Getting to the Build Configuration Screen

CMake simplifies the building of complex projects such as Olympus. Its behavior is controlled by the contents of CMakeLists.txt files contained in the project tree. CMakeLists.txt specifies subdirectories to process and sets various flags. To use, start up CMake and read in the CMakeLists.txt file at the root of the project. This will bring up a screen that allows you to check values for different environmental variables and select different compilation options.

Note: CMake is currently invoked by the Olympus build scripts. Unless you are extending the system you probably don't need to work with CMake directly.

Description of Olympus Specific CMake Options

NOTE: CMake settings are described at

More Help

For additional information, as well as specific questions, email the developers mailing list (

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