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Jason is a Galaxy server and a Jabber client. It's mission is to serve as an intance messaging interface to the Ravenclaw/Olympus system, and it uses the Jabber protocol to do this. Use of Jason requires the SessionManager agent.

to compile

I think that you can compile with any Ant-compliant system. We've only used Netbeans so far. Just open up the agent's root directory as a Netbeans project, and build.

to run

  1. You'll need to get a google account for your system.
  2. Make a properties file called "jason.properties". Put it in the agent's root directory. The file should have at least the folowing properties:
  3. You'll probably want to put something like this in your ProcessMonitor config:
            title Jason 
            dir ..\..\Agents\Jason 
            path java -classpath galaxy.jar;smack.jar;smackx.jar;dist/Jason.jar edu.cmu.olympus.jason.Jason -port 11003 
            server_name Jason 

for development

See the following references.

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