Agent Runtime Configuration Overview

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Audio Server, Apollo, Kalliope, and Ravenclaw expose configuration settings in a text file format. The relative path to the configuration file is passed as the value for the -config parameter to respective agent.

Configuration File Specification

  • It is in the Property=Value on a single line form.
    • Properties must be unique and a single word.
    • Properties usually replace spaces with underscores (_).
    • Values may be a floating point number, an integer, or a string.
    • Values are usually case-insensitive except when dealing with file paths/names.
    • Values may be in a comma (,) delimited list.
  • Comments must take up the entire line and the first character must be a #.
  • White space is ignored before and after the property name, the =, and value.


#        I am a comment in an example configuration file.

string_property_one =  I am a value
value_list_one = string=string, string=string

property_xyz      = 9.56                
   property_abc =     -9


Individual Agent Configuration Files

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